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PovNet goes to school: musings on academia and community

Several months ago I was approached by Michael Cooke, the president of the Carold Institute which awarded me a community fellowship in 2008. He said that Carold had embarked on a new partnership with St Paul’s University College at the University of Waterloo, and their principal, Graham Brown had invited me to be there inaugural […]

Then they took Italia

FIRENZE We arrived in Florence from London via Munich and made our way to the convent where we were staying – very calming and relaxing sort of place (maybe not so much if you’re a nun, which there were some of, behind private doors). We had a lovely room with shutters that opened wide and […]

Percolating in London

Arrived in London June 7 and met up (“up” being the apt description, as our room was at the very very top of the “Club” we were staying at in Russell Square. No lift of course) with The Seasoned Traveller (henceforth TST), who was having a nap, having arrived a few hours earlier. We had […]

How did I get here?

This question has been spinning around my various worlds more directly for some time now. One of the board members of the Carold Institute asked it of me, when I was doing a presentation on my work to them in July (he wanted to make sure my true voice was going to be reflected in […]

Crossing Roads

I was invited to the Canadian Social Forum 2009, hosted by the Canadian Council on Social Development — it took place in May in Calgary. Pam Shime, the founding director of the Global Advocacy and Leadership Initiative and I spent some time getting to know each other via Skype as we were co-faciliating a workshop […]

Homelessness from the ground up

The second national conference on housing and homelessness: “Growing Home: Housing and Homelessness in Canada” took place in mid-February at the University of Calgary. I didn’t manage to get to all of the conference — the sun dogs took a large bite out of my hamstring when I was in the Yukon — but people […]

Sun dogs watching

The CBC is a warm welcomer in smaller communities. I was invited to come and talk about PovNet and the event to be held at the local library for the local afternoon show. After I’d adjusted my mike so I could actually see her through the glass, the host started into asking me about PovNet, […]

Poetry to ponder over the holidays …

Two poems surfaced over the past few weeks that relate to the particular kind of percolating being explored here. One is from anti-poverty activist, SD, who read it at our forum the other week, with apologies to William Shakespeare: Who is PovNet? What is she? That all these friends commend her A news place, an […]

“Hope is not a feeling, but a discipline”

Taking advantage of a Legal Services Society training forum in Vancouver, and with a special grant from the Law Foundation of BC, anti-poverty advocates who were in town from around British Columbia converged last week at a forum/dinner to talk about PovNet: past, present and future. We had posters on the wall including poems from […]

How Many Faces of Poverty?

I spent two days last week at a conference at the University of Winnipeg called “Two Faces of Poverty: Making the Law Work for Indigenous Peoples and Women”. The conference was based on a report called “Making the Law Work for Everyone” –described as a “framework for legal empowerment focusing on indigenous peoples, women and […]